Ligurian Olive Oil – Tradition and Culture in Ligurian Cuisine

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For those who love local artisanal products, LIGURIA boasts a wide variety of regional preparations and ingredients. Traditional dishes are light but rich in flavor, thanks to the skillful use of local aromatic herbs and delicate extra virgin olive oil produced in the hills. Olive growing is widespread in our part of the LIGURIAN RIVIERA. In fact, rows of olive trees are a main characteristic of the local hilly landscape. Ligurian olive oil has its own protected designation of origin Olio DOP Rivera Ligure which means the products with this designation come from Ligurian olives known for their high quality delicate taste with low acidity.

The Olive Harvest at Casa Aquarela

The cities of Sestri Levante, Moneglia, Lavagna, Ne e Leivi  have been participating for years in “0 km production” to develop and highlight local specialties and to preserve Ligurian traditions. “0 km Production” refers to locally grown products that are used or sold nearby. These cities have been recognized with the designation of CITTÀ dell’OLIO (or City of Oil)Many travel agencies book guided tours of working olive oil mills, where you can closely observe and learn about the production cycle. Experts will guide you through the various processing stages, from the harvesting of the olives from the trees to the separation of the oil from the crushed olives. The tours end with olive oil tastings accompanied by typical local products.


Our Ligurian Oil at Km 0

CASA AQUARELA, in our own small way, also participates in the 0 Km production of olive oil. Every year, we harvest olives from the trees which surround our bad and breckfast. We then produce our own OIL that we use year round in the preparation of the dishes we offer our guests. Visiting guests can participate in our olive oil production process from its start or just during the different processes. You will have the opportunity to experience an adventure rich in tradition yet fun for everyone, and will return home with the pleasant memories of the taste and flavor of LIGURIA. For details on how to participate in the olive harvest and production of our LIGURIAN OIL, we invite you to contact us via contact form or stay updated on our news webpage.